Sweet Spot With God Framework


The Sweet Spot With God (TM) framework for scripture engagement was developed by Dr. Brenda Boyd in 2015 based on the principles of Kolb’s theory of active learning, learning styles, and the elements of being a whole person from Matthew 22:36-40, in order to experience living with a relevant and present God.

Theoretical Foundation
In Kolb’s experiential theory, learning is viewed as a cycle that begins with meeting the person right where they are with immediate and concrete experiences and moving to  personal application in an individual’s life. Learning styles theory incorporates all the senses. The Sweet Spot With God framework incorporates reading, hearing, feeling, reflecting, and doing.

Biblical Foundation

The scripture in Matthew 22:36-40 supports active learning, which includes involvement of the whole person: head, heart, soul, God, and neighbor. From this scripture, a system of Bible study emerges.

Matthew 22:36-40: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’”

Going Deeper

Hand-in-hand with experiential theory and a scriptural model, the Sweet Spot With God Framework endeavors to take a person deeper into scripture by looking at the scripture from a variety of Bible translations and versions, and repeating the reading of the scripture passage with each of the first, third, and fourth questions of the Sweet Spot With God Framework.


  • STEP 1. MENTAL: What key words stand out and what is going on?
  • STEP 2. EMOTIONAL: What is my reaction or emotional response to this scripture? What emotions do you think the people in the story had?
  • STEP 3. SPIRITUAL: What is God saying?
  • STEP 4. PHYSICAL: What is God saying to me personally? 
  • STEP 5. SOCIAL: What would happen in my life and relationships if I were to apply what I am hearing God say? How can I share what God is saying to me?
  • STEP 6: PRAYER CONNECTION – Talk to God in prayer about His message to you through this scripture.