About Sweet Spot With God

Brenda Boyd, PhD, developed the Sweet Spot With God Framework (TM) out of her personal desire to find out if God is really real, and if He cared about her. Through her journey, she found out so much more, and she developed this blog site so she could share that journey with you.

Even though I may not know you, you need to know that I am already praying for you. The desire you have to come to terms with God is normal. What you need and what you are going through is all part of this life’s journey. It has to happen. Stay with it. The reward is great. The joy is immeasurable. The peace is lasting. The blessings are just what you’ve been looking for.  – Brenda Boyd

About Brenda Boyd

Brenda Boyd, PhD, is a speaker, author, and photographer. She writes and speaks on the topic of living with a relevant and present God. Her desire is to inspire a desire in everyone to live vibrant and colorful lives because they are loved and wanted by a good, good God. Brenda lives to spread hope that our human experience is part of something bigger.

Brenda holds a PhD in Leadership, and has education in family counseling, teaching and learning, religion, communication, and sociology. Her hobbies are photography, video-making, wood working, camping, acrylic painting, marketing and branding, and writing.

She is a self-proclaimed “pet-person” and is the dog- and cat-mom to two rescued dogs (Bayleigh and Gracie), and three cats (Dude, Charlie, and Emily). Brenda is married and lives in Murrieta, California, near San Diego. She is a proud aunt, sister, and daughter.