Our mission is to inspire a desire to claim our personal sweet spot with God in order to experience love, understanding, and significance.

At SWEET SPOT WITH GOD we show you a true picture of God, a God who is loving and understanding, so you can break free of false ideas of God.

At SWEET SPOT WITH GOD we post scriptures, photos, quotes, and reflective thoughts that bring God’s presence to life and personally speak to our heart.

So what is a sweet spot?

We are all familiar with this term in sports. A sweet spot is that location on the object being struck that absorbs the maximum amount of forward momentum to rebound away from the object with the greatest velocity.

Spiritually speaking, a SWEET SPOT WITH GOD is that place where everything comes together miraculously, where you daily live in His perfect timing, perfect will, and perfect way.

Do you long to find that place with God? We believe it is possible!

God promises His presence right now. He is relevant and present. When we take God at His word, we can experience a quiet, still, inner peace, and a patient, trusting outward expression of faith in Him. When we let God do in our lives what He knows is best, we will be transformed. We will be happy.

God uses our minds, hearts, souls, hands, relationships, and prayers to be present with us in the context of our lives, so we can live in that sweet spot with Him.

I invite you to embark on the journey of finding your SWEET SPOT WITH GOD.

Living in that place means freedom, joy, peace, and abundance. Life is too short to stay bogged down and not live sweet.